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TOSS OUT your eyebrow pencil, lipstick brush and eyeliner and make room for a permanently and truly beautiful you!!!

Permanent Cosmetics brings to you a look that is uniquely you with the get up and go convenience essential for today's busy woman.

A waterproof technique using federally approved, allergy tested pigments, which are micro-implanted into the skin to naturally enhance your features.

Permanent Makeup subtly re-creates nature to enhance and highlight your eyes and lips. Eyebrows are softly feathered with hair strokes simulating a natural brow.

Eyes are accentuated, and lips are outlined and tinted to produce a fuller, more sensual appearance.

Who Benefits from Permanent Cosmetic Makeup?

  • Everyone from the young to the elderly, who desires a soft and natural enhancement to their appearance.
  • Post surgical/injury; camouflage of scars; redefinition of facial features.
  • Alopecia sufferers; Vitiligo suffers and chemotherapy recipients with full or partial hair loss.
  • Allergies and sensitive-skinned people who can’t wear make-up.
  • Vision impaired, motor impaired, including arthritics, Parkinson’s disease, MS, stroke survivors, and those with unsteady hands that cannot apply their own make-up.
  • Physically active people, entertainers, models and busy professionals

- August 2015 Specials -
Get Ready for the Holidays!

Start spring out right with: never having to draw your eyebrows on again, never having to buy an eyeliner pencil, and never having to pic through many shades of lipstick.

Any two procedures: $625.

*offer not valid for touch-ups!

Prices good until: 08-30-2015

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Every eyebrow is first created in the mirror with regular make up pencils to ensure that the perfect shape [ READ MORE ]

The permanent eyeliner is prettier than regular make up because it can be placed so discretely

Permanent lip liner and shading is the perfect solution for re-creating your own lips. I can re-shape them [ READ MORE ]

Truly Me!
Joyce McNally, D.A.A.M.
Practitioner, Permanent Cosmetics


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