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Truly Me Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Services

Below is a basic overview of our permanent makeup procedures, if you should have any questions pertaining to permanent cosmetic makeup or permanent cosmetic makeup procedures feel free to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact Joyce by email (click here) or call:

Permanent Eyebrow Cosmetic Makeup Procedure

Every eyebrow is first created in the mirror with regular make up pencils to ensure that the perfect shape is designed to bring out your eyes, cheek bones and overall facial structure. I call this "facial architecture".

The correct brow shape truly is the real non-surgical face lift. The illusion is transformational.

Using only a realistic hair-stroke technique and custom blended colors, the eyebrows are created in the perfect shape and with the most realistic airbrushed result. Even under magnification, it is hard to tell that they are not real.


Permanent Eyeliner
Cosmetic Makeup

The permanent eyeliner is prettier than regular make up because it can be placed so discretely in between each lash where regular make up would not stay or it would end up irritating your eyes.

This is what sets permanent eyeliner apart. Whether creating the most natural lash enhancement for a thick, lush lash look or an eyeliner that is designed to reshape your eyes for an anti-aging effect, permanent eyeliner will bring out your eye's color, sparkle and vibrancy.

You will never have to worry about your make up smudging, rubbing off, sensitivities, allergies and improper placement ever again!

Permanent Eyeliner can go from the most subtle "lash-enhancement" to a "natural" eyeliner look or to a very distinct dramatic affect. 


Permanent Lip Shading & Permanent Lip Lining Cosmetic Makeup Procedures

Permanent lip liner and lip shading is the perfect solution for re-creating your own lips. I can re-shape them to help balance out the bone structure in your face, give them a more youthful shape and fullness; and/or correct any asymmetries you may have.

Color is one of the most important parts when designing lips. Much time is allotted in choosing which color would work best for your lifestyle and more importantly your overall coloring and undertones.



Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Corrective Procedures

If you have had permanent makeup in the past and you're not happy with the color, shape or overall results a consultation would be required to make sure you are a candidate for color and shape correction or touch-up.

I use a safe salt removal process where I have had great success in getting most unwanted pigment out; but it is a process.

Also, I have extensive expertise in color and shape correction and have achieved wonderful results in all corrective permanent cosmetic work.




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